Welcome to my home page! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Esther, and I created this website to share my knowledge and experience in coaching in healthy living, weight loss, and exercise. I hope you find the information and resources on my site helpful and informative. If you have any questions or want to connect, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I have developed a Weight Loss with a Controlled Eating program and have had much success in helping people achieve optimal health and lose weight. As we all know, obesity or being overweight in this century is so prevalent and is not going away anytime soon; it is a modern-day plague. This tragic affliction affects both men and women equally, underestimating the heavy emotional strain this situation causes. Many mixed messages are floating around on social media; on the one hand, supporting the right for heavier people to have the same equal acceptance as their thin counterparts. But on the other hand, we see billboards and tv ads flaunting skinny models, and many companies employ lean individuals to promote their products. This underlying message screams that “perfection” is and must be the ultimate body image goal without mentioning health.

Conversely, we see in many media formats that size does not matter and that we should all be happy with our shapes. But we know! The actual reality is that size DOES matter. That is how we are judged; why are overweight people repeatedly being condemned by thin people who have never really experienced being seriously overweight? Well-meaning people assume we are lazy and cannot control ourselves; their intentions are pure. Still, it is irritating; nobody likes or wants to be fat, we have been on a thousand diets and listened to a hundred Doctors, and nothing or no system has worked for us. We see the secret side glances or the look of disdain when they see how our clothes are straining at the seams. Combined with broad hints about “going on a diet,” are constant sorrowful reminders that we are fat failures. Their compulsion to impart well-intentioned advice about the importance of being healthy is very frustrating. This causes much stress and low self-esteem, maybe our friends and family do mean well, and their comments come from a good place. They don’t intend for us to feel bad or uncomfortable with our bodies, but they do just that. Why is it assumed that we are deliberately making excuses to stay overweight?

Suppose you commit and do everything you have assigned yourself to do within my coaching program, taking your life situation, skills, and fitness into consideration. In that case, you will see and notice remarkable results after 12 weeks.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a great time exploring my website. Come back often for updates and new content!

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